2018 Europe, Canada, North America

2018 Europe, Canada, North America

It’s been another year of bouncing back and forth across the wide waters. This summer saw Fantuzzi at Landjuweel Festival just north of Amsterdam for about the 30th year! As usual, a brilliant array of artists, inspirational theater folk and musicians from all across the world come together in this beautiful little village. Fantuzzi is a fixture, part of the framework of the festival almost… leading the kids’ parade around the village, playing a beautiful acoustic set in one of the salons and a kick-ass late night set on the bus stage in the main ground.

From Landjuweel, he launched (was the opener for) another brand-new festival in the east of Holland and revisted SoulSteps Festival where he received such love last year.

From there to Lithuania. Last summer we were in Vilnius to share a TEDx talk. An amazing experience…the reception in Lithuania - and in previous years, Estonia - has been fantastic. There is so much hunger for the type of healing, joyful, soul-filling music that Fantuzzi has to share, it’s fertile ground out there!

BIG thanks to Jurgis Did, Aivaras and all the other Euro-bods that help to coordinate and make such exciting tours happen at all. We love it!

From Amsterdam to Calgary… Fantuzzi finally made it up to Kat’s base town & we kicked off with a sold-out concert in the hamlet of Bragg Creek, an idyllic setting in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Many friends here have been reading about Fantuzzi for years as Kat still writes a monthly column for the news-magazine in this area to keep everyone up-to-date on her happenings which largely involve Fantuzzi.

We took a road trip through gloriously beautiful British Columbia, stopping off in the Slocan Valley to play in Winlaw and Nelson and to hang with some very groovy people. From the middle of BC we drove west through the magical mountains to Vancouver for a small, but sooo sweet concert & finally across to Salt Spring Island for a private gathering of old friends and musicians. What a fantastic retreat that was for everyone involved. Beautiful location, beautiful people. Thanks to Gita Govinda for being the magic and the glue that pulled everyone and everything together.

Now Fantuzzi is playing percussion for Krishna Das at Bhakti Fest’s 10th anniversary shindig in the desert of Joshua Tree. That’s after he’s led a two-hour Bhakti Kirtan camp, played his own main stage set, hosted a kid's’ camp 2hr extravaganza and will round that off with another Fantuzzi concert on Sunday evening before joining all the names and faces on the main stage to close out what will be, of course, a spectacular spiritual and musical few days.

More coming. It never stops. The Fantuzzi cruise is never-ending. Drop us a line if you have the desire and a few pennies to bring Fantuzzi to your neck of the woods!

2016 World Tour

2016 World Tour

Yes friends, we're off on our 2016 World Tour - Open Heart Surgery!

After a couple of weeks in California where we made a trip to LA to play with the LA Flexibles in an incredible setting and with Adam Ferrick at a sweet gathering, we were also able to reconnect with our good friends and family in the area as we'll be on the road again for the next nine months or so.

Mertasari Beach Festival


We fly to Thailand March 4th to kick off our 2016 world tour. Stopping in Thailand for a week or two, we'll be in Bali to headline the MERTASARI Beach Festival on March 26th, then remain in Bali for the Spirit Festival and whatever other magic we can pull out of the musical box. In May we head to Europe and there will be a kaleidascope of action, new venues, great connections and opportunities to play with friends old and new.

While we were in California we also managed to squeeze in a couple of days in the recording studio to work more on our music from CUBA. Last year as part of our documentary project, we also created new music for the upcoming album "Fantuzzi In Cuba". It was intoxicating to be immersed in the sounds of Havanna. Now with the help of the amazing JonJon Alevesakis, Fantuzzi's go-to man for sound engineer and amazing production, we are fine-tuning that work and will bring you track-by-track, some of the spice and flavour that filled our ears and souls last summer. We hope you like it as much as we do, there's some interesting and different things on the horizon with this one - stay tuned!

Santa Fe Sunshine

Santa Fe Sunshine

By Rolf Gibbs
By Rolf Gibbs

Santa Fe Sunshine

Always such a great time in Santa Fe. This visit I had a great radio interview you can listen to here.

Here's what the lovely Rhea, our radio host, had to say after the show on Saturday night:

Fantuzzi's energy was outstanding.  He is super-deliciously lusciously juicy and a marvelous connector of people, bringing us to our feet, singing and dancing.  What a gift to humanity he is!  What a shining star!

I just wanted to wrap him up and take him home with me.  He clearly loves life and people and love and music, and brings us all together in one unified joyful love-in.  MWAH!

I am still on  a high from last night.

Tales from Paradise

Tales from Paradise

View from Vikasa May 2015
View from Vikasa May 2015

Koh Samui moments...

we have been in Thailand for the past several weeks... first in Chiang Mai, staying with interesting new friends, Joe from the UK who first met us a couple of years back at a great concert in Brixton... turns up in Thailand just as we need a place to land. Thanks to Joe for gifting us such a gentle and welcoming landing spot in the north! We reconnected with some good friends in the Reggae world of CM & had a great time rocking out in RootsRockReggae with everyone there.

From Chiang Mai we flew down to the islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui... playing benefit concerts for Nepal. As we write, Nepal is shaking under the force of the second round of earthquakes after the April 25 shocks. Everywhere we go there are fund-raising efforts to support the people of Nepal.

Meanwhile... as with everything in this cycle of life and death, life goes on, as does the transition to the next incarnation however it may be colored.

On Koh Samui we came to the place of a good friend, John Stewart - it was John and wife Karina's vision to create Kamalaya 14 years ago. This is a place of stillness, tranquility, good health and fine care... a place to open and explore inwardly if such is your inclination. Or... to get into a super gym and go a few rounds with your mirror image!

Boxing at Kamalaya
Boxing at Kamalaya

We were at Kamalalya to play of course... a beautiful evening sharing magical music with some deeply focused people.

This is a place worth returning to!

Kat Fantuzzi at Kamalaya May 2015
Kat Fantuzzi at Kamalaya May 2015

Prior to Thailand, we had a magical three months in Bali where the Bali Live! Festival invited Fantuzzi Music to be part of their grand climax, the Bali Spirit Festival invited Fantuzzi & Kat to MC & Manage the daytime stage where we had a great time hanging out with everyone taking breaks from the multitude of fascinating and fun workshops and classes. Fantuzzi and his "Bali Quartet" - currently the tightest and hottest version of the "Flexible Band" - headlined the Mertasari Beach Festival to close out our visit to Bali.

Rocking out with the other Deepak at Bali Live
Rocking out with the other Deepak at Bali Live

We had a great time sharing through workshops at the Green School and with everyone at Paradiso in Ubud, at concerts with the Jazz Cafe, Ryoshi's House of Jazz, Alchemy and The Island Cafe and many more.

The months ahead are starting to look really busy too - if you have a desire for some Fantuzzi Music in your 'hood, please drop us a line and we'll see what we can weave into this magic carpet!

From Woodstock to Woodford

From Woodstock to Woodford

Woodford Fantuzzi Volunteer Party
Woodford Fantuzzi Volunteer Party

Rounding out 2014 with our trip to perform at Woodford Folk Festival near Brisbane, NSW was the most inspiring amazing and exciting way to end a tremendous year of travel, spiritual growth, discovery and sharing. We warmed up at Uplift Festival in Byron Bay, a few gigs in the area, then on December 26th drove on a sweltering hot day a few hours north to Woodford. From WOODSTOCK TO WOODFORD! Amazing to look back at this 45-year journey. Woodford's size, diversity and unfailing friendliness from all volunteers, participants and everyone we came across is beautiful.

We played in three different venues at the festival - there are SEVENTEEN stages and over five hundred acts. Amazing artists from around the world shared their talents, enthusiasm and joy through music, comedy, circus and more. We spent late nights in the Chai tent meeting more Rainbow people, discovering young musicians who soon became elements of the gloriously ever-changing Flexible band.

Nakho and Medicine for the People played (and funnily enough were camped right next to us, so we could all relax together between all the adventures) - "uncle" Fantuzzi was invited up to sing with them on their last show, a tremendous night!

The opening and closing ceremonies for Woodford are intense spectacles, night sky bursting with fireworks, the natural amphitheatre thick with thousands of people all staring in awe, singing together, holding candles in memory and honour of absent friends.

Soon we will be leaving Australia, on to new lands and new adventures, but this trip will always hold a very special place in our hearts and memories.

Falling In Love Again

2014-08-20 18.18.42-1024x1024  This time of year... amazing changes, devotion, exploration, unity, birthday celebrations, adventures one after the other. Music from our new CD Ease & Grace is being played on Canada's CKUA radio - Canada's first public broadcaster and one of the best, most eclectic radio stations on the planet! Yeah!!!

We had another sweet spiritual connection at Bhakti Fest this September, followed by a juicy gathering at Be The Change Yoga down in Irvine, CA and some cool birthday celebrations in Malibu, Santa Barbara, and the Bay area. Now in the Bay area for a couple more weeks with concerts and a workshop to share exploratory magic with anyone who'd like to participate in music, movement and magical experiences... then we're off to New York City and to Africa, Australia and beyond!

The stories keep coming and coming. Your love, support and enthusiasm keeps us rolling and the more people we can connect with the better. If you haven't already got a taste of Ease & Grace, please check in on our website. Pardon the technical hitches, but we are redoing our makeup!

BlesSings eternally yours,


California Dreamin'

California Dreamin'


Wow! What a blast we've had, April in Southern California has been so full of Divine Love and Light. Ease & Grace has been delighting all ears its fallen into. I landed in Los Angeles just in time for all the Easter and Earth Day celebrations. Such sweet Kirtan nights to start things off - Jason & Pia - thanks to you! My favourite FLEXIBLEs came out to play with me at Coco's place, I had a blast with my young friends at Kathleen's. The opening and closing ceremonies for Topanga Earth Day were blessed and blissed-out.

There was a cool afternoon by a pool shooting some amazing tribal earth music for a friend's video, then a short but sweet trip down to San Diego, somewhere I haven't had the chance to share and enjoy in waaay too long. Thanks to Lisa for being an amazing host and orchestrator.

Up to San Luis Obispo to share amazing magic, Snake Tales and funky dance - big thanks to Billy for pulling that together!

My dear friend Scott invited me to help him wrap up a beautiful collaborative weekend with some funky Fantuzzi vibes on Sunday and now we're heading towards another amazing series of events in the Bay area and north. Keep in touch!  I love you.

Magical Maui

Magical Maui

Mystic Island Festival on Maui was a delight and divine gathering of Family. Rain could not dampen our spirits - singing around the fire with good friends including Chris Berry, Tubby Love and more. Some of us slithered in the mud, but our souls shone bright through the love and light. On Sunday February 16th, this connection with family continues at the Sacred Earth Temple in Haiku.

Fantuzzi- Grace Song Image
Fantuzzi- Grace Song Image

We will be hosting a PRAYERFORMANCE community ceremony from 3-5pm, inviting any and all interested to come and participate with your good energy, loving thoughts, song, poetry, dance and creative artistry. We will wind a Rainbow Serpent path through the lush organic gardens and fish-filled ponds of the Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm, coming to the medicine wheel and the temple to celebrate the diverse aspects of our traditions and spirits.

Following the Prayerformance, if you would like to stay for supper and music, we'd love to share more with you. Financial donations accepted to cover the costs for the amazing organic love-spiced food and music that follows, ALL are welcome!

IllumiNATION Garden Party Sun Nov 10th

CHANGE OF VENUE (& time) FRIENDS!We will gather at Dennis Peron's B&B, 4pm Sunday 10th. Now asking a minimum donation of $15. See you on Sunday! NEW ADDRESS: 3745 17th street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Dennis Peron & Barry Plunker will bless us with their presence & we will honor them for their good works. Peron for the legalization of medical marijuana & Plunker for being one of the originators of the Rainbow Gatherings.

Haight Gig Nov 2013-640x640
Haight Gig Nov 2013-640x640

Being in the Bay area to work on the CD & book research, I can't leave without sharing some magic with my friends here... so we're having a party in SF. It's a great place to get together, have a party and give what you can to support a few charities AND the final push to get our new CD in your hands before the end of the year!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.



Sitting on the dock of the Bay

Sitting on the dock of the Bay


Wow ..these are amazing times. The planets are fixed for helping us all fulfil our dreams.

Ease & Grace the CD we've been working on for three years, is about to be birthed... in a matter of weeks. We're in the San Francisco Bay area, reconnecting with the family - getting into the studio with my son Kahlil to lay down some vibes on one of the tracks for the new album was such a blast.

We hooked up with Rocker-T to add some of his magic, and we're meeting up with our dear friend Jah Levi to refine The Hopi Prophecy, one of the most powerful songs on the album.

It's a bit chilly at nights in these parts at this time of the year, winter is sneaking in, in disguise as Autumn.

We're off to Hawaii where we will be keeping warm, playing music, leading sharemonies, workshops, retreats and hanging out at our Hawaiian Rainforest Sanctuary, doing some work on the land and getting down to earth again.

We have other projects in the works, the book (biography) that has been ongoing for a long time, is also blossoming rapidly and our plan is to beam in on it in the next several months to be able to share it with you. If you have a great old photo of me or an extraordinary story please share with us!

England, Faire England

Mid-way through our visit to England, our weekend at Into The Wild Festival was soooo good. What a sweet gathering of families, people and children playing in the green fields and woods, an idyllic setting surrounded by ancient oak and chestnut trees, a great field circled by white teepees, yurts and bell tents that glow with candles in the night. Music, raw food, saunas, games, fires and song, we love coming to this festival and seeing all our good friends here each year. Last week in London, Festival of Life was off the charts! A hall full of ecstatic yogis, dancers, singers, drummers and people who just turn up to share this learning experience. Great musicians in London, what a night.

From there... to Saffron Walden, to Stonebridge Farm with the beautiful Giles and Juliette, where our new friends Mark & Hazel host us in their farmhouse and we get to play in a great barn with a sweet circle of children and larger people.

Dear friends welcome us here, it's been a great visit so far. More to come!

Rainbow Peace Concert in LA!

So excited to be heading back to Santa Monica to play at ZANZIBAR SEPT 4th. Get your best dance shoes on, glitter up & come out with your friends to join Fantuzzi and NiceFingers from 9pm! Straight after this extravaganza of delight, we're off to Bhakti Fest West, then to the UK for a whole bunch of excitement and fun with our friends in London, Lewes and more. Check out the SCHEDULE page for all the details.





The Rainbow Gathering in Montana was, as every year, a joyous occasion meeting with family - welcoming home familiar faces and beautiful new bodies. Now I'm in Puerto Rico for my own Family Reunion, surrounded by an extended Fantuzzi family - what a celebration!

From here I'll be off to Amsterdam for Landjuweel's 40th anniversary, then to Ibiza to rock that island with some magical sharemonies, back to the US to be a part of the first East Coast Mystic Garden Gathering, then down to California for Bhakti Fest West - Sept 5-8, Joshua Tree CA. This is a beautiful annual festival and you can get $50 off the ticket price if you buy online and use code 2013fantuzzi.

Leaving the Land Down Under

...where we have had an amazing time, off the charts! We headlined the Nimbin Aquarius 40th Anniversary Festival (Imagine) on Sunday June 19th - such a great event with so many old and new friends and wonderful energy. The highlight was the party at the Rainbow Temple with such a sweet gathering of young Rainbow Warriors, dancing and singing under a brilliant full moon. Energy exploding into the night skies, the vibe was so high we almost couldn't stop. At the end of two hours the band formed a line and 'broke a leg' for the audience, the front lines of which went down to the floor to enable those at the back to get a good look at the band and really show their appreciation. We had such a great time here and there is much talk of us returning before the end of the year. Let us know if you'd like us to be back in Australia and if there's something specific we should be involved with - so little time and so many souls!

Heading back to the Bay Area and the completion of the album Ease & Grace. Also some work to be done in New Mexico, Rainbow Gathering in Montana, then Puerto Rico and Europe. Forward ever, for the love of light, life and music!

New Friends In Manila

Grace's Song (after we meet at Malassimbo / Puerta Galera)

Two gypsies came One with long flowing hair And they were a pair From a flock out of nowhere Out of nowhere Out of nowhere...

Plucked from the air Thus were his songs All day long All night long

Two gypsies came One with long flowing hair And they were a pair From nowhere...

Nowhere is home... No one is him Who clambers like a frog Who swims like a fish Who sings like a sparrow Who wings all tomorrow...

Two gypsies came One with long flowing hair And they were a pair Out of nowhere...

Manila, May 8, 2013, by Grace Marie Katigbak

Celebrating Peace

Here in the Philippines having attended SPF13 - Summer Peace Festival in Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga. These areas in the south of the Philippines have been publicized mainly for political uprisings, violence and environmental challenges. A group of talented young people put on a very sweet festival that reached out to two completely different cities. We were far from the city at Cagayan de Oro; people took the time to drive an hour out into the mountains to the natural setting of the ranch that hosted the first part of festival, a day or so later we were further west, on a beach looking at the most tormented island in the Philippines.

This is an excerpt from a recent interview for a Bali magazine, referring back to the original Woodstock festival:

"Great times! Hard times…people forget that at eighteen boys were drafted into a terrible war. We fought back with love. It is still all about that love and peace consciousness, environmental awareness and unifying the global community. It is about our collective consciousness. When we are unified we think of great things to do and we empower each other to stay focused on positive change such as helping the poor and saving the environment. Music is one of our greatest mediums. It is the universal language that brings people together and creates change. It is a vehicle for communicating our ideals."


Heading to Australia shortly... only there for a couple of weeks, so hoping to get some good things together in a short time! Contact us if you have any great venues or contacts we should know about!

GOA Update

My first gig in GOA (India) in six years! Loekie's Cafe in Arambol Tuesday night, March 5. We'll be setting up a few more in this beautiful place before we leave.

Kickstarter rewards for our Ease & Grace project have been fulfilled... the pre-release download promised to our supporters went out last week, although at this stage a low-resolution copy, we have plans to do more for our family!

Namaste from Mother India

Kumbh Mela 2013

I may not have given away 100 CDs in my week at Kumbh Mela, but I gave away 100 x 100 divine kisses. The spirit and grace of this greatest of great gatherings surrounds everything. Even in the breath-choking dust or the deluge of unseasonal rain, the spirit of the people remains centered in joy and devotion. Returning to Handi Baba Yogalaya Ashram to meet my beloved Swami ShantiJi is a blessing. Reconnecting with old friend Deena Bandu in the Krsna camp and meeting new friends Prem Baba and Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti too, was wonderful. The color, sound and magic of the Kumbh still reverberates within me. Having my son Eli travel with me to film and capture images was another blessing, I am so proud to have had this experience, so blessed. We visited Varanasi briefly, meditated by the burning Ghats, watched ceremonies from boats upon the river Ganga (Ganges).

Now we take a day of rest to recuperate, then head south to meet more friends, meditate and work together in spirit and in physical form. Planning the months ahead, but also flowing by God's grace into whatever plans the sublime divine river has for us all.

We will post photos from the Kumbh on the Gallery page, please take a look and let us know how they make you feel!