Woodford Fantuzzi Volunteer Party
Woodford Fantuzzi Volunteer Party

Rounding out 2014 with our trip to perform at Woodford Folk Festival near Brisbane, NSW was the most inspiring amazing and exciting way to end a tremendous year of travel, spiritual growth, discovery and sharing. We warmed up at Uplift Festival in Byron Bay, a few gigs in the area, then on December 26th drove on a sweltering hot day a few hours north to Woodford. From WOODSTOCK TO WOODFORD! Amazing to look back at this 45-year journey. Woodford's size, diversity and unfailing friendliness from all volunteers, participants and everyone we came across is beautiful.

We played in three different venues at the festival - there are SEVENTEEN stages and over five hundred acts. Amazing artists from around the world shared their talents, enthusiasm and joy through music, comedy, circus and more. We spent late nights in the Chai tent meeting more Rainbow people, discovering young musicians who soon became elements of the gloriously ever-changing Flexible band.

Nakho and Medicine for the People played (and funnily enough were camped right next to us, so we could all relax together between all the adventures) - "uncle" Fantuzzi was invited up to sing with them on their last show, a tremendous night!

The opening and closing ceremonies for Woodford are intense spectacles, night sky bursting with fireworks, the natural amphitheatre thick with thousands of people all staring in awe, singing together, holding candles in memory and honour of absent friends.

Soon we will be leaving Australia, on to new lands and new adventures, but this trip will always hold a very special place in our hearts and memories.