Our Mission Is Doing Dharma, Our Seva

Pilgrims, we stay focused on our mission. While working as hard as possible, we keep balanced by not burning our body temple, but by being blazing representatives of consciousness with optimum health and healthy attitudes. We are Spiritual warriors; heeding the call to free the heart and the souls of all sentient beings addicted to greed, comfort, substances and attachments.

Our Mission is an Adventure

Our journey is full of adventure; when fear kept all others away we rode that edge and thrived. We took lots of chances. Our feet knew where we wanted to go and no-one could stop us; not parents, society or rumors. The lure of peace and community across this world keeps us moving, sharing, learning.

Our hearts are strong and we have faith in the good in the core of humanity. Despite all the horrible things there’s still hope. We embarked on this journey and if you’re ready, the time is right to grow your own wings – if nothing else, in your imagination, which is where it most often begins.

My love, passion and desire to tread new waters has lead to us sharing our story. It is a great privilege and honor, so unbuckle your seat-belt… this ride is about letting go!