Fantuzzi's Pro Team

Fantuzzi is father, brother, friend, entertainer, inspiration, catalyst…There are many things that support the magic of Fantuzzi, the love and friendship of people all around the world who welcome Fantuzzi as brother, friend, guide, inspiration...

in addition to all of you who read these words, there are those in the background who give their talents, energy, ideas, time and love to help maintain the travels and transformation that Fantuzzi brings wherever he goes:

Anna Trueman - Web Wonder Woman : Anna Trueman is our website's Creative Director, and owner of Lotus Live Design. Anna has been a pro in graphic design, web design, branding, advertising, SEO, and strategic marketing for over two decades. She holds a degree in design from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and also has advanced education and work experience in transpersonal psychology and spiritual studies. As a veteran in business management and marketing, her company, Lotus Live Design & Social Media has a proven track record of growing businesses successfully online via web design, digital advertising, social media and a variety of other methods. Some of her design work is done live with clients and includes private coaching in business development and social media marketing, so each client gets the benefits that only large advertising and PR agencies can usually offer, but with a decidedly personal touch and far more cost effective pricing. It is Anna's greatest joy to help her clients succeed beyond their wildest dreams.


B. Sherman - Gorgeous GraphicsBruce Sherman has been creating art his whole life, learning it as a second language from his mother, a painter and pottery instructor.  Following in the footsteps of the Abstract Surrealists, especially Klee and Kandinski, he works to create abstract environments filled with conscious and subconscious symbolism. He has always been interested in creating super-realistic illusions of three-dimensional space.  These can be seen in his early layered watercolors all the way to his latest series of "Infinity Light" art.  Feeling his artwork is a type of "visual music," he sees his early work as "acoustic" while his "Infinity Lights" have an electric amplification, the mirrored reflections acting as a visual reverb.  Bruce currently lives in Kealakekua Bay, Big Island, Hawaii

Shimmering Wolf- Inspiring Images, CD Graphics. The cover art for Fantuzzi's beautiful heartsong CD Divine Inspiration is a divine illustation of Mr Wolf's (Kevin's) talent in action. The new 2013 CD Ease & Grace CD packaging will also be proudly sporting new examples of the work of Shimmering Wolf Studios.

With the deepest love and respect, we keep Matt's profile here in memory of this magnificent human being whose untimely departure in 2012 shocked us all.

Charlie Taillard - YouAreNotLimited

Our great friend and inspirational artist Charlie Taillard graced us with his work on Fantuzzi's autobiography “Love At First Bite” and on the stunning cover of the yet-to-be-released Cuban album...can't wait to share that piece with you!

With the deepest love and respect, we remember Matt here, a magnificent human being whose untimely departure in 2012 shocked us all.

Matt Mueller - Promotional Professor : Matthew Mueller is the music business entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur. With 20+ years of involvement in the arts, Matthew has experienced all aspects of the music/arts business. Specializing in small business set up, marketing, merchandising, tour support, retail and wholesale sales, bookings, promotions, recording, engineering, publishing, distribution, event coordination, management, and entertainment legalities, Matthew’s credentials illustrate a long, rich history in arts, travel, and performance. Matthew’s professional and performance skills are wide-ranging. Starting his first business at age 14, Matthew has achieved most of his lifetime goals, seeking now to share and inspire others in the success of realizing their own life’s mission. Able to speak endlessly about all aspects of the music business, Matthew’s ability to communicate the current condition of the music industry, and how it works in today’s business climate, is one of simple osmosis.

Elaine Knight - Personal Assistant and long-term angel 

Eric Werbalowsky - Executive Advisor : Eric Werbalowsky On-board since 1998, currently providing cosmic support for Major Tuz, beaming him in spirit around the globe.

Beni Goldenheart - Inspiration & Project Development

Jeff Klein - Inspiration & Project Development :

Kahlil & Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi - Multi-faceted Magicians

Kahlil Jacobs-Fantauzzi Educator / Cultural Arts / Producer,


Kat yoga
Kat yoga

Kat Dancer – Manager, Flexible One:  In addition to manager, writer, workshop host and juggler of many magical things with Fantuzzi, Kat Dancer shares treatments and teachings of Thai Massage, Yoga and other energetic healing exercises. She maintains a thriving practice in Alberta, Canada when not on the global trail with Fantuzzi.

To send Kat an email, just click on her photo.

If you would like to donate your skills to the team supporting Fantuzzi, please let us know here.

The work of keeping this music going, recording albums, sharing heart-opening, transformational positive experiences around the world, is not without financial commitment. ANY donation you care to make is received with the deepest gratitude.