What Fantuzzi Offers

I am so glad to share this music with you, my extended global family. What joy I have found in your eyes and hearts. May this musical gift be an inspiration, and bring the spirit of love and celebration into your life and circles. I dedicate my music to the children of the world. May the light of compassion and consciousness shine on all of you.

Fantuzzi and the Flexible Band!

Known and loved around the globe, Fantuzzi has been playing the world over with master musicians, talented newcomers and intuitive performers for years. Create magic at your event by bringing Fantuzzi and the Flexible Band to your main stage! Fantuzzi also performs solo; with high-energy danceable performance or acoustic and spiritually uplifting music to transform any type of gathering. Bring in Fantuzzi and bring in the passion and light!

MC ( master of ceremonies )

With 30 years of experience serving small parties to major events or festivals, Fantuzzi always brings a positive vibration.

To create a truly successful event it is important to have a person welcoming people, introducing the different participants, entertaining through anecdotes and interaction to make the audience feel at home. Here are some events where Fantuzzi has fulfilled these challenges and many more as the consummate MC:

♥ Woodstock ♥ Rainbow gatherings in America and Europe ♥ Earthdance ♥ Bhakti Fest ♥ Reggae on the River ♥ Cannabis Cup ♥ and many more

 Singing (Vocal Coaching)

This service is for all, from professional to regular folks (who just want to sing to their baby, loved one, or in the shower!). The techniques that are used are a combination of one of the world's greatest vocal method (Riggs method) and an intuitive method created by Fantuzzi. Working with each individual's needs in a safe atmosphere, with lots of fun and laughter.

Some of the benefits of these coaching sessions are improved quality of tone, pitch, diction, and projection. This also assists in public speaking, teaching, coaching, acting roles etc.

Performance Coaching

Fantuzzi is very gifted in tuning in to each individual, to the place that needs evolving. Being a natural and greatly charismatic performer, he is capable of inspiring a client to be more authentic, free, effective, spontaneous, sincere, and playful. All sessions are private with content individually tailored to the client.


Hand drumming of many different styles is passed on to the client. From beginner to intermediate Fantuzzi has inspired thousands of students and would-be drummers over the years; from private sessions one-on-one, to drumming as a parent-sibling bonding experience, to large workshops in many countries. Fantuzzi teaches African, Latin, Tribal, and his own original mix.

Yoga / Dance

With decades of personal practice he is able to inspire movement and body awareness. Making the body temple stronger and more flexible for a much more enjoyable life. Fantuzzi derives his inspiration from Ashtanga, Tibetan rites, and a mixture of many schools of yoga and body training. Fantuzzi also offers ecstatic workshops in partnership with Kat Dancer; together they blend a mixture of Yoga, Thai Massage, Body Movement, Yoga Dance, Voice, Percussion and Heart Songs into a session that inspires all ages and fitness levels to participate and expand their own awareness with joy and enthusiasm.

Dancing (ecstatic tribal dancing with Afro-Caribbean flavor and live drumming)

Fantuzzi is a born dancer and his passion for dancing is transmitted naturally and ecstatically. This sharing is a great workout and a fabulous place to sweat our prayer. Many styles of movement are explored: Afro-Caribbean, East Indian, Gypsy, Freestyle allowing him to share movement authentically, leaving all who participate transformed, uplifted and ecstatic.

Children's Shows (school, birthdays, parties, music, slapstic, mini magic)

Our children are the future and need to be guided in a spirit of fun. Fantuzzi is a natural with children, getting them laughing, singing and dancing. He has been working in schools and education facilities around the world for decades. Fantuzzi's love of drumming, theater and performance translate into a vibrant coaching system with the children who are our hope for the future.


There are places where we are all stuck and need assistance in breaking through barriers and walls created in us. This is a sharing of divine intuitions for the refinement of our being. To deal with the challenges of life, we need to use different archetypes and resources, changing channels and shifting our perception of our world and who we are in it. Fantuzzi creates a safe space for catharsis, for tapping into the hero/heroine within you to be more powerful or authentically loving and gentle.