2016 World Tour

Yes friends, we're off on our 2016 World Tour - Open Heart Surgery!

After a couple of weeks in California where we made a trip to LA to play with the LA Flexibles in an incredible setting and with Adam Ferrick at a sweet gathering, we were also able to reconnect with our good friends and family in the area as we'll be on the road again for the next nine months or so.

Mertasari Beach Festival


We fly to Thailand March 4th to kick off our 2016 world tour. Stopping in Thailand for a week or two, we'll be in Bali to headline the MERTASARI Beach Festival on March 26th, then remain in Bali for the Spirit Festival and whatever other magic we can pull out of the musical box. In May we head to Europe and there will be a kaleidascope of action, new venues, great connections and opportunities to play with friends old and new.

While we were in California we also managed to squeeze in a couple of days in the recording studio to work more on our music from CUBA. Last year as part of our documentary project, we also created new music for the upcoming album "Fantuzzi In Cuba". It was intoxicating to be immersed in the sounds of Havanna. Now with the help of the amazing JonJon Alevesakis, Fantuzzi's go-to man for sound engineer and amazing production, we are fine-tuning that work and will bring you track-by-track, some of the spice and flavour that filled our ears and souls last summer. We hope you like it as much as we do, there's some interesting and different things on the horizon with this one - stay tuned!