Mid-way through our visit to England, our weekend at Into The Wild Festival was soooo good. What a sweet gathering of families, people and children playing in the green fields and woods, an idyllic setting surrounded by ancient oak and chestnut trees, a great field circled by white teepees, yurts and bell tents that glow with candles in the night. Music, raw food, saunas, games, fires and song, we love coming to this festival and seeing all our good friends here each year. Last week in London, Festival of Life was off the charts! A hall full of ecstatic yogis, dancers, singers, drummers and people who just turn up to share this learning experience. Great musicians in London, what a night.

From there... to Saffron Walden, to Stonebridge Farm with the beautiful Giles and Juliette, where our new friends Mark & Hazel host us in their farmhouse and we get to play in a great barn with a sweet circle of children and larger people.

Dear friends welcome us here, it's been a great visit so far. More to come!