Wow ..these are amazing times. The planets are fixed for helping us all fulfil our dreams.

Ease & Grace the CD we've been working on for three years, is about to be birthed... in a matter of weeks. We're in the San Francisco Bay area, reconnecting with the family - getting into the studio with my son Kahlil to lay down some vibes on one of the tracks for the new album was such a blast.

We hooked up with Rocker-T to add some of his magic, and we're meeting up with our dear friend Jah Levi to refine The Hopi Prophecy, one of the most powerful songs on the album.

It's a bit chilly at nights in these parts at this time of the year, winter is sneaking in, in disguise as Autumn.

We're off to Hawaii where we will be keeping warm, playing music, leading sharemonies, workshops, retreats and hanging out at our Hawaiian Rainforest Sanctuary, doing some work on the land and getting down to earth again.

We have other projects in the works, the book (biography) that has been ongoing for a long time, is also blossoming rapidly and our plan is to beam in on it in the next several months to be able to share it with you. If you have a great old photo of me or an extraordinary story please share with us!