...where we have had an amazing time, off the charts! We headlined the Nimbin Aquarius 40th Anniversary Festival (Imagine) on Sunday June 19th - such a great event with so many old and new friends and wonderful energy. The highlight was the party at the Rainbow Temple with such a sweet gathering of young Rainbow Warriors, dancing and singing under a brilliant full moon. Energy exploding into the night skies, the vibe was so high we almost couldn't stop. At the end of two hours the band formed a line and 'broke a leg' for the audience, the front lines of which went down to the floor to enable those at the back to get a good look at the band and really show their appreciation. We had such a great time here and there is much talk of us returning before the end of the year. Let us know if you'd like us to be back in Australia and if there's something specific we should be involved with - so little time and so many souls!

Heading back to the Bay Area and the completion of the album Ease & Grace. Also some work to be done in New Mexico, Rainbow Gathering in Montana, then Puerto Rico and Europe. Forward ever, for the love of light, life and music!