Fantuzzi began fund-raising for Puerto Rico almost immediately after the hurricane hit last year. His younger son Eli has more-or-less upped sticks and taken most of his time and work to Puerto Rico, closely working with rebuilding both on the physical level and indeed, deeply involved on the social and spiritual rebuilding of a nation.

We were delighted to be able to take a shipment of solar lights, water filters and personal items to Puerto Rico with Fantuzzi. He spent several weeks on the island getting to know what the situation really is on the ground, meeting some of the inspirational dynamic teams that are rebuilding and coordinating efforts to get people’s lives back together.

We continue to support and take love offerings for the stricken communities of Puerto Rico who - almost a year later - are still without consistent power or clean water. The official response has been pitiful & the official reports still attempt to sweep real facts under the proverbial carpet.

Fantuzzi will be back in Puerto Rico before too long. He is committed to seeing continual improvement there, not just launching a short-term fund-raising event, but returning in person and lending his physical and spiritual strength wherever he can.