I've been here in Hawaii for nearly two months, it's not often that I stay in one place this long! I've been working on the land; getting up early with the rain, building and clearing the ground, making the Sanctuary a more beautiful and comfortable place for our community to gather and celebrate, meditate, sing, dance... Built by the communal efforts of many wonderful people, this space is becoming more and more the sacred space I envisioned it to be:

Fantuzzi in Sacred Space

Rainforest Sanctuary Yoga Space

We had a beautiful retreat here at the end of February, most people came to trade and help us build in exchange for a few days of yoga, thai massage, drumming and dancing. What a great group gathered here that weekend.

There have been some great celebrations here; at the Pahoa Village Museum, at the Banyan Tree Sanctuary in Kona, we have swum with dolphins and manta rays, experiences that are off the charts! Amazing dayz in the shadow of the volcano. Pele works her magic here on the island and it's be hard to leave.

But I'm excited to bring new faces into the sanctuary and leave it in caring hands as I return to the mainland to share more Fantuzzi music, joy and celebration of life with my family and friends around the world.

I'll be at the New Living Expo in San Francisco, and in Corte Madera on May 2nd - look forward to seeing you there!