Snakeman Back in California again after a couple of amazing months in Hawaii rebuilding, recreating, regenerating the Sanctuary on the Big Island & sharing some great times with family and friends around the islands. It's good to be back on the mainland - playing some sweet music and enjoying 'sharemonies' with friends in Grass Valley, including spending some time with my snake friend! It was a sweet evening at the Sunrise Center in Corte Madera, playing with old friends and catching up - good to see Goa Gil there again too. Had a blast at the New Living Expo, taken to the next level by the support and presence of my sons Kahlil and Eli - thanks to them and ALL my good friends who come together to create amazing times.

Now I'm off to LA for Shakti Fest and other events. Keep your eyes open and your hearts wide! Om Shanti, Fantuzzi