Back in the islands of Hawaii... some Fantuzzi magic was shared at the Maui Mystic Garden Party at the end of January and now we are back on Maui for Valentine's day to celebrate in many ecstatic ways! The Valentine's Day concert was amazing - such high energy and dancing spirits came together along with some great 'flexibles' to create an evening to remember. Blue Mountain and Mariyah provide such support to share the love, it's a joy to come back here every time.

There is a small clip from some of the set here.

Maui Mystic Garden Festival

Last week we were back on the Big Island, back on my land; working to prepare my rainforest sanctuary for the retreat we are hosting at the end of this month. It's good to be back home and there's plenty of work to be done.  Nature has a strong grip on this island and the powers of Pele (the volcano) are felt wherever we walk... taking out the occasional lava rock can be a great workout!

Fantuzzi with pickaxe ready to work







For the upcoming weekend we are hosting a couple of events on Kuaii, then it's back to the pickaxe and machete for a while to keep my place in trim. There will be much more music happening on my land with some good friends who are great musicians dropping by from time to time to share the great vibes and vitality of this place.