WaterWoman was one of the most fascinating experiences... being in the Andes Mountains with Shamans from many tribes and musicians from all parts of the world, DJs and yoga teachers, and breath-workers. All these people gathered in a most beautiful setting, against the Andes Mountains, not far from the Amazon. The attendance was super-small, but it only made it super-cozy! The elegant hotel with hot-tubs in every room, was a five minute walk from the site. The stars and the moon danced above our heads and we danced and we jammed in ecstasy. Bhakti Fest, number four, in Joshua Tree - was stupendous! The feeling of devotion, the company of high souls, was food for our spirits. Yoga classes were all packed; the greatest yoga teachers, kirtan musicians singing the name of the divine, yogis and yoginis of every sort from everywhere, smiling and beaming the healing love into the atmosphere. On the last night, Fantuzzi and the Flexibles flexed like never before on the Hanuman stage, throwing down African Reggae rhythms  with the boogie bajhan, singing the names of the divine was awesome, so much fun. Just as we were getting done with the superstar superjam on the main stage, a wind storm came so strong it looked like it was going to blow the stage away. We all had to hold the stage together while others sang and danced into ecstasy - Bhakti Fest Ki Jai!!!