Family, friends, blessed ones... 2012 has been going great so far! Two visits to Europe, and now I am on my way to the magical land of Ecuador to celebrate at the Water Woman Festival.

I was in Germany in May, in Amsterdam at the beginning of August for Landjuweel, just outside Amsterdam. I've been a part of this Festival for 30 years and next year they celebrate their 40th anniversary! Rain is part of the festival - and this year was no exception, we closed out the concerts with a mass of happy people dancing up to their ankles in mud -  ecstatic dancers joined the band on stage and the place was transformed from a dark muddy field into a crowd of joyous celebratory bodies singing and dancing.

Our wild ride continued as we visited the Osho Humaniversity in Egmond aan zee - what a great group of people. Blessed to be accompanied by my nephew Eli from Maui and the delectable Celine from Amsterdam, Ibiza, Bali. The concert at Osho was another high-energy gathering; sharing my music and creating such momentum for the completion of the next album. While in Amsterdam we also worked on ways to gather funds toward the finishing of this album. Studio time and technical matters eat up so much, all your support for what we do is so much appreciated!

A brief stop in Berlin, hosted by a beautiful lady who also was our chauffeur back from Leipzig to Berlin at the end of this trip. Thanks and blessings to Aina for all you do! Ancient Trance Festival in Taucha near Leipzig was amazing! I have been telling people that I'm going to my favorite festival... Ancient Trance. I've never been before, but I could feel that this was something special - and it was SO beautiful. Put together by a circle of friends, Rainbow family, musicians that are amazingly talented and come from across the world to be here. We were wowed by everything, including the blazing sunshine. This is truly one of the best festivals around. Fantuzzi and Flexibles at Ancient Trance 2012