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Falling In Love Again

2014-08-20 18.18.42-1024x1024  This time of year... amazing changes, devotion, exploration, unity, birthday celebrations, adventures one after the other. Music from our new CD Ease & Grace is being played on Canada's CKUA radio - Canada's first public broadcaster and one of the best, most eclectic radio stations on the planet! Yeah!!!

We had another sweet spiritual connection at Bhakti Fest this September, followed by a juicy gathering at Be The Change Yoga down in Irvine, CA and some cool birthday celebrations in Malibu, Santa Barbara, and the Bay area. Now in the Bay area for a couple more weeks with concerts and a workshop to share exploratory magic with anyone who'd like to participate in music, movement and magical experiences... then we're off to New York City and to Africa, Australia and beyond!

The stories keep coming and coming. Your love, support and enthusiasm keeps us rolling and the more people we can connect with the better. If you haven't already got a taste of Ease & Grace, please check in on our website. Pardon the technical hitches, but we are redoing our makeup!

BlesSings eternally yours,


Latest News from Fantuzzi

Fantuzzi Newsweek Cover Welcome to my new website!

Please take a swim around in the waters of the Fantuzzi world... everything is changing, constantly! There are more pictures, tour dates, plans, news, ideas. This is a communal place for the Fantuzzi Family, so please don't be shy - post your comments or email me here

Famously present at the original Woodstock and immortalized through Newsweek's cover. I am committed to the power of music to uplift, elevate and bring people together joyfully. In addition to my concerts, I also teach workshops, often combing these teachings with the practice of other great teachers. Check here for more information on all the things I do.

In our travels we meet many fans and friends and enjoy listening to their stories. Last year we visited some of the Occupy locations; spending a month in New York City, and stopping at other "Occupies" in the States and in Israel - a highlight of 2011! Some of those stories and images can be found in this website... be sure to visit often to see what's new.

My life mission is one of elevating a higher consciousness in people everywhere, helping people to connect more fully as a community through music. I am happy to have this new site to further my mission and look forward to hearing your comments. Thank you for taking time to connect, blessings and much love!