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2018 Europe, Canada, North America

2018 Europe, Canada, North America

It’s been another year of bouncing back and forth across the wide waters. This summer saw Fantuzzi at Landjuweel Festival just north of Amsterdam for about the 30th year! As usual, a brilliant array of artists, inspirational theater folk and musicians from all across the world come together in this beautiful little village. Fantuzzi is a fixture, part of the framework of the festival almost… leading the kids’ parade around the village, playing a beautiful acoustic set in one of the salons and a kick-ass late night set on the bus stage in the main ground.

From Landjuweel, he launched (was the opener for) another brand-new festival in the east of Holland and revisted SoulSteps Festival where he received such love last year.

From there to Lithuania. Last summer we were in Vilnius to share a TEDx talk. An amazing experience…the reception in Lithuania - and in previous years, Estonia - has been fantastic. There is so much hunger for the type of healing, joyful, soul-filling music that Fantuzzi has to share, it’s fertile ground out there!

BIG thanks to Jurgis Did, Aivaras and all the other Euro-bods that help to coordinate and make such exciting tours happen at all. We love it!

From Amsterdam to Calgary… Fantuzzi finally made it up to Kat’s base town & we kicked off with a sold-out concert in the hamlet of Bragg Creek, an idyllic setting in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Many friends here have been reading about Fantuzzi for years as Kat still writes a monthly column for the news-magazine in this area to keep everyone up-to-date on her happenings which largely involve Fantuzzi.

We took a road trip through gloriously beautiful British Columbia, stopping off in the Slocan Valley to play in Winlaw and Nelson and to hang with some very groovy people. From the middle of BC we drove west through the magical mountains to Vancouver for a small, but sooo sweet concert & finally across to Salt Spring Island for a private gathering of old friends and musicians. What a fantastic retreat that was for everyone involved. Beautiful location, beautiful people. Thanks to Gita Govinda for being the magic and the glue that pulled everyone and everything together.

Now Fantuzzi is playing percussion for Krishna Das at Bhakti Fest’s 10th anniversary shindig in the desert of Joshua Tree. That’s after he’s led a two-hour Bhakti Kirtan camp, played his own main stage set, hosted a kid's’ camp 2hr extravaganza and will round that off with another Fantuzzi concert on Sunday evening before joining all the names and faces on the main stage to close out what will be, of course, a spectacular spiritual and musical few days.

More coming. It never stops. The Fantuzzi cruise is never-ending. Drop us a line if you have the desire and a few pennies to bring Fantuzzi to your neck of the woods!

Falling In Love Again

2014-08-20 18.18.42-1024x1024  This time of year... amazing changes, devotion, exploration, unity, birthday celebrations, adventures one after the other. Music from our new CD Ease & Grace is being played on Canada's CKUA radio - Canada's first public broadcaster and one of the best, most eclectic radio stations on the planet! Yeah!!!

We had another sweet spiritual connection at Bhakti Fest this September, followed by a juicy gathering at Be The Change Yoga down in Irvine, CA and some cool birthday celebrations in Malibu, Santa Barbara, and the Bay area. Now in the Bay area for a couple more weeks with concerts and a workshop to share exploratory magic with anyone who'd like to participate in music, movement and magical experiences... then we're off to New York City and to Africa, Australia and beyond!

The stories keep coming and coming. Your love, support and enthusiasm keeps us rolling and the more people we can connect with the better. If you haven't already got a taste of Ease & Grace, please check in on our website. Pardon the technical hitches, but we are redoing our makeup!

BlesSings eternally yours,