I may not have given away 100 CDs in my week at Kumbh Mela, but I gave away 100 x 100 divine kisses. The spirit and grace of this greatest of great gatherings surrounds everything. Even in the breath-choking dust or the deluge of unseasonal rain, the spirit of the people remains centered in joy and devotion. Returning to Handi Baba Yogalaya Ashram to meet my beloved Swami ShantiJi is a blessing. Reconnecting with old friend Deena Bandu in the Krsna camp and meeting new friends Prem Baba and Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti too, was wonderful. The color, sound and magic of the Kumbh still reverberates within me. Having my son Eli travel with me to film and capture images was another blessing, I am so proud to have had this experience, so blessed. We visited Varanasi briefly, meditated by the burning Ghats, watched ceremonies from boats upon the river Ganga (Ganges).

Now we take a day of rest to recuperate, then head south to meet more friends, meditate and work together in spirit and in physical form. Planning the months ahead, but also flowing by God's grace into whatever plans the sublime divine river has for us all.

We will post photos from the Kumbh on the Gallery page, please take a look and let us know how they make you feel!