I woke up at dawn this morning and got blessed with a profound meditation. This still and quiet place allowed me to hear a puja from afar, so I follwed the sounds of devotion and voices, then walked into a fire cereomony chanting the gayatri mantra for hours. This all is happening at the Vidya Yoga ashram the biggest ashram in all of europe. As I sat there pouring ghee into a sacred fire I heard the voice of the mother inside of me " I am all in all, always with you" . When I opened my eyes the picture in front of me was of Ananda Mai Ma. I would love to get a copy of this picture but I hear a voice saying "why if every thing and everyone you see is me?" Love and Serve . fantuzzi yoga - dance - meditate - freedom!

Feel the Celebration at Yoga Vidya 2012

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