Writing this from Hawaii, we have been through an intense and productive few months. September through November, much work was done to bring together amazing musicians like Diane Patterson, Stevie Abrams, April Dawn, Michael Plusnick and more. Each of these friends brought a different spice to the production of the new CD, tracks are growing and flourishing! We visited Mexico to celebrate the great galactic alignment of the winter solstice, end of 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of a new era. There is work still to be done to bring this CD to completion, our Kickstarter campaign went a long way in helping us birth this CD, BUT we appreciate all the help we can get. All our friends can contribute to the eventual manifestation of Ease & Grace as a beautiful reality, here on the website. Click that button over there on the right!

Thanks, love, light and laughter. May we meet and dance together soon. If Not You sample dec 2012