Here in the Philippines having attended SPF13 - Summer Peace Festival in Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga. These areas in the south of the Philippines have been publicized mainly for political uprisings, violence and environmental challenges. A group of talented young people put on a very sweet festival that reached out to two completely different cities. We were far from the city at Cagayan de Oro; people took the time to drive an hour out into the mountains to the natural setting of the ranch that hosted the first part of festival, a day or so later we were further west, on a beach looking at the most tormented island in the Philippines.

This is an excerpt from a recent interview for a Bali magazine, referring back to the original Woodstock festival:

"Great times! Hard times…people forget that at eighteen boys were drafted into a terrible war. We fought back with love. It is still all about that love and peace consciousness, environmental awareness and unifying the global community. It is about our collective consciousness. When we are unified we think of great things to do and we empower each other to stay focused on positive change such as helping the poor and saving the environment. Music is one of our greatest mediums. It is the universal language that brings people together and creates change. It is a vehicle for communicating our ideals."


Heading to Australia shortly... only there for a couple of weeks, so hoping to get some good things together in a short time! Contact us if you have any great venues or contacts we should know about!