...for a few days... coming back from Germany and an amazing visit there, with vibes and music lifting the roof! Good to be back in the Bay with family and friends. I visited my son Kahlil's school on Friday afternoon to talk to the students and show them some drumming. It's hard to appreciate how much time and energy and pure devotion a good teacher has to expend every day to capture these kids' attention and give them something to be enthusiastic about. The most inquisitive boy before the class started was a changed character when surrounded by his peers. Interesting and fulfilling times!  

The following day we help celebrate our beloved brother Jah Levi's birthday - surrounded by dozens of amazingly talented musicians, artists, bodyworkers and healers of the highest order. This celebration was something I love to be a part of every year - always happy to be here playing with Al Torre, Rocker-T and other friends for this crowd of dazzling beings.

Next stop: LA for the One Love Festival!