Community & The Rainbow Family

Fantuzzi began his musical career in New York in the 1960's. Since then he has steadily performed in numerous concerts, festivals, and events world wide. In addition to his songwriting and music, Fantuzzi leads workshops, and speaks publicly with a focus on teaching compassion and raising spiritual consciousness. As an activist, his mission is to promote world peace and to raise spiritual awareness. Fantuzzi's music, found on his three albums Tribal Revival, Divine Inspiration, and Ease & Grace, span several musical styles including world beat, Afro-Funk, Reggae, Latin grooves, and Kirtan spiritual ballads and chants. Fantuzzi is known and loved globally for his vibrant musical concerts and loving spirit.

Fantuzzi has performed a major role in the Rainbow Family since the original Woodstock Festival in 1969, when he attended it, helped MC, and became the iconic Newsweek Magazine cover for the world changing music festival. It was during the Woodstock years that like minded individuals formed a global community dedicated to non-violence, spiritual consciousness, holistic health, free expression, and building loving relationships, based in equality, between all people. The ultimate goal then remains Fantuzzi's mission today, world peace. This utopian movement has grown exponentially ever since... and has indeed brought positive change globally. A portion of this community eventually became known as the Rainbow Family. 

Inspired by Woodstock and the Haight-Ashbury movement of the 1960's, the Rainbow Family was conceived of in Oregon in 1970, during the Vortex I gathering that year in Estacada, Oregon, by Barry Adams and Garrick Beck. Fantuzzi was at the first Rainbow Gathering in Colorado in 1972, has attended all but two Rainbow Gatherings in the USA since. He brings music, love, spiritual consciousness and celebration to each gathering and is loved by thousands world wide. 

The Rainbow Family are a significant part of Fantuzzi's life. The Rainbow Family is an extensive community of like minded people. In 2011 he visited three Rainbow Gatherings; in Washington, USA, then with the European Family in Portugal and toward the end of the year in the beautiful Negev Desert in Israel.

Each time a person donates to Fantuzzi or buys his music, that donation goes to further the progressive mission of bringing world peace into reality. By traveling constantly, connecting with the global community of visionaries and those working to bring a better world into manifestation, Fantuzzi serves as an example of love in action. His heart centered service is an inspiration to many. When you donate, you further this mission.

Thank you in advance for your donation!