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Book: Love At First Bite

Fantuzzi's music and life are the focus of his new book Love At First Bite. Newly released in 2017, the book Love At First Bite gives you an insider's view of the life and 50 year career of Fantuzzi, his travels as a musician and spiritual teacher, plus the inspiration that drives his mission of bringing spiritual transformation through his music and teaching to fans worldwide.

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100% of your donation goes to support Fantuzzi's efforts to bring people together in a community of love, spiritual awareness and compassion. 

All donations are being directed to support the people of Puerto Rico right now.

Your money will quickly reach those who need it most, delivered in person by Fantuzzi and his sons over the coming weeks as they aid in rebuilding the beautiful island.

THANK YOU for doing what you can to build community, peace and happiness around this world.