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Union of souls - Rainbow Fest 2012

[singlepic id=210 w=100 h=75 ]Rainbow Festival 2012 in Munich was an amazing gathering! Here I met a child whose mother had played my album Divine Inspiration throughout most of her pregnancy... and that was all her son heard for the first two weeks of his life. I'm blown away by the reception in Germany...meeting this boy for the first time, he looked deep into my eyes and lifted his head to mine, we touched souls. Thanks to Purna and all the German team who help to make these tours possible for me every year!

In LA at the One Love Festival... another event full of synchronicity, great music, fun times. Playing with some of my favorite musicians; Deon, Avi, Rob. I love coming back to LA to connect with many old friends too, even bumping into my oldest friend from Harlem days, fresh off a plane from Hawaii for an impromptu family gathering, sweet!

Back in the Bay

Back in the Bay


...for a few days... coming back from Germany and an amazing visit there, with vibes and music lifting the roof! Good to be back in the Bay with family and friends. I visited my son Kahlil's school on Friday afternoon to talk to the students and show them some drumming. It's hard to appreciate how much time and energy and pure devotion a good teacher has to expend every day to capture these kids' attention and give them something to be enthusiastic about. The most inquisitive boy before the class started was a changed character when surrounded by his peers. Interesting and fulfilling times!  

The following day we help celebrate our beloved brother Jah Levi's birthday - surrounded by dozens of amazingly talented musicians, artists, bodyworkers and healers of the highest order. This celebration was something I love to be a part of every year - always happy to be here playing with Al Torre, Rocker-T and other friends for this crowd of dazzling beings.

Next stop: LA for the One Love Festival!

Rainbow Spirit Festival, Munich

Just back in California after a great time at Rainbow Spirit Festival...playing with wonderful friends, enjoying family and community there. We hung out in the sunshine between concerts and workshops at the Festival. The workshop : "Extra-va-dance!" was a blast - everybody drumming, clapping, dancing, laughing and having a great time.

Also spent a little time with Konrad of who shot this video


Munich days...

Beautiful People-Isnai & Gregor A sweet singing circle in the heart of Munich. It was a beautiful evening singing with friends, raising energy to such a place that no-one wished to leave. We stayed in the beautiful tranquil oasis in the center of the city, woke at dawn to the song of the birds. Isnai and her brother Gregor.

After a great yoga session, we played around a little before taking to the sunlit streets for breakfast at one of the local cafes.


I woke up at dawn this morning and got blessed with a profound meditation. This still and quiet place allowed me to hear a puja from afar, so I follwed the sounds of devotion and voices, then walked into a fire cereomony chanting the gayatri mantra for hours. This all is happening at the Vidya Yoga ashram the biggest ashram in all of europe. As I sat there pouring ghee into a sacred fire I heard the voice of the mother inside of me " I am all in all, always with you" . When I opened my eyes the picture in front of me was of Ananda Mai Ma. I would love to get a copy of this picture but I hear a voice saying "why if every thing and everyone you see is me?" Love and Serve . fantuzzi yoga - dance - meditate - freedom!

Feel the Celebration at Yoga Vidya 2012

Check out more photos from Fantuzzi's latest at Yoga Vidya on the GALLERY/Festivals page

Shakti Fest!

Shakti Fest!


With an invitation to come down to Shakti Fest and enjoy all you beautiful people, how could I resist?

See you at Bhakti Fest in September...Ohmmm!

Back in California

Back in California


Snakeman Back in California again after a couple of amazing months in Hawaii rebuilding, recreating, regenerating the Sanctuary on the Big Island & sharing some great times with family and friends around the islands. It's good to be back on the mainland - playing some sweet music and enjoying 'sharemonies' with friends in Grass Valley, including spending some time with my snake friend! It was a sweet evening at the Sunrise Center in Corte Madera, playing with old friends and catching up - good to see Goa Gil there again too. Had a blast at the New Living Expo, taken to the next level by the support and presence of my sons Kahlil and Eli - thanks to them and ALL my good friends who come together to create amazing times.

Now I'm off to LA for Shakti Fest and other events. Keep your eyes open and your hearts wide! Om Shanti, Fantuzzi

Hawaii, the Rainforest Sanctuary...

I've been here in Hawaii for nearly two months, it's not often that I stay in one place this long! I've been working on the land; getting up early with the rain, building and clearing the ground, making the Sanctuary a more beautiful and comfortable place for our community to gather and celebrate, meditate, sing, dance... Built by the communal efforts of many wonderful people, this space is becoming more and more the sacred space I envisioned it to be:

Fantuzzi in Sacred Space

Rainforest Sanctuary Yoga Space

We had a beautiful retreat here at the end of February, most people came to trade and help us build in exchange for a few days of yoga, thai massage, drumming and dancing. What a great group gathered here that weekend.

There have been some great celebrations here; at the Pahoa Village Museum, at the Banyan Tree Sanctuary in Kona, we have swum with dolphins and manta rays, experiences that are off the charts! Amazing dayz in the shadow of the volcano. Pele works her magic here on the island and it's be hard to leave.

But I'm excited to bring new faces into the sanctuary and leave it in caring hands as I return to the mainland to share more Fantuzzi music, joy and celebration of life with my family and friends around the world.

I'll be at the New Living Expo in San Francisco, and in Corte Madera on May 2nd - look forward to seeing you there!

Valentine's in Maui

Back in the islands of Hawaii... some Fantuzzi magic was shared at the Maui Mystic Garden Party at the end of January and now we are back on Maui for Valentine's day to celebrate in many ecstatic ways! The Valentine's Day concert was amazing - such high energy and dancing spirits came together along with some great 'flexibles' to create an evening to remember. Blue Mountain and Mariyah provide such support to share the love, it's a joy to come back here every time.

There is a small clip from some of the set here.

Maui Mystic Garden Festival

Last week we were back on the Big Island, back on my land; working to prepare my rainforest sanctuary for the retreat we are hosting at the end of this month. It's good to be back home and there's plenty of work to be done.  Nature has a strong grip on this island and the powers of Pele (the volcano) are felt wherever we walk... taking out the occasional lava rock can be a great workout!

Fantuzzi with pickaxe ready to work







For the upcoming weekend we are hosting a couple of events on Kuaii, then it's back to the pickaxe and machete for a while to keep my place in trim. There will be much more music happening on my land with some good friends who are great musicians dropping by from time to time to share the great vibes and vitality of this place.

Sunrise Center, an intimate gathering

Fantuzzi at Sunrise Center Jan 14 2012 Check out this clip from my latest:

Fantuzzi: Move it medley

Just last Saturday I played some tunes for a gathering at the Sunrise Center, Corte Madera. It is great to be back in the area and reconnecting with some old friends I haven't seen in many years. Goa Gil made an appearance and added his unique flavour to the evening. My thanks to my good friend Lori for hosting the night, providing such a warm and welcoming space in many ways.


Working on bringing together many projects right now; gathering old clippings and reviving some great memories. If you have any photos or better still, video of me anywhere in the world, I'd love to see them, just drop me a line.

Thanks for checking in, send me a comment/your feedback, I love to hear what you think about this new website.

Blessings, Fantuzzi.

New year... New Fantuzzi Music Website!

I'm pleased to have you visit my new Fantuzzi Music website... hope you like it! We will be expanding the site continually with more music and videos, and a photo gallery. Please send your Fantuzzi photos if you'd like to add them to our photo gallery... we'd love to include your favorite shots.

This year we will be traveling the globe once more bringing songs of love, bliss, and Afro-Reggae-Cuban beats that make you want to dance all night. We will be collaborating with some of the finest musicians as we travel, so be sure to check our tour schedule page often. I hope to see you at our shows and workshops this year!